Essential Strategies for TPRS®/CI Teachers

Click on each link for a comprehensive description of each strategy:

How to circle

How to check for comprehension

How to ask a story

Here are some more helpful posts to TPRS®/TCI beginners:

I’m new to TPRS/TCI…Where do I start? by Crystal Barragán

What is a target structure?

The story’s over but class isn’t done…what do I do?

TPRS® 101: Teaching Proficiency is Really Simple


  1. […] By the end of term 2 I will have trialled novel and TV series focusing on TPRS totally comprehensible classroom strategies of student circling, repetition, checking for comprehension and student active listening  so that students experience deeper learning of structures and vocabulary- uses a lot of IRDP strategies. I already do a lot of this, but am looking to systematize what I do so it happens more, not just when I feel like it! […]


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