Who does this make you think about?

I'm thinking that this would make a great first or second day of school activity for a second year language classroom. I can't say for sure because I've not used it yet, but if the structures fit, use it, right?! Begin the lesson by introducing the structure me hace pensar en - it makes me think … Continue reading Who does this make you think about?

Love Recipe

Julia used this short to do several MovieTalk demos in French at TPRS gatherings here in Anchorage, and she MovieTalked it to my students in Spanish. It is great to include in any unit about cooking, dating, getting ready/reflexive verbs, or house and home vocab. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ufQ9OUosKE I used it to do a targeted study of … Continue reading Love Recipe

Soliciting [Illustrated] Responses

We had WAY too much fun storyasking in my previously-Plan B class today!! I am amazed at the transformation that they have undergone in the last few weeks--anll it took was finding the right system! We have been using the Marble Jar, and they are totally rocking it. They hold each other accountable («¡Cállete! ¡Habla … Continue reading Soliciting [Illustrated] Responses

El Viajero Script and Lesson Plans

We just finished an introductory unit on illegal immigration/ border crossing in Spanish A. My students learned the structures 'llega allí", 'regresa a su país', and 'lleva' using the story script for El Viajero (Download it here in Spanish and English), and then we spent a few days using me-generated and authentic resources to learn … Continue reading El Viajero Script and Lesson Plans

El Gaucho Lesson Plans

This is a week-long unit that uses the structures from the script "Mama's Boy" ("needs", "works at", and "lives alone") to talk about the iconic Argentinian Gaucho. After acquiring the structures, students learn about Gauchos through a reading, a video, a song, and a cartoon. Download the resource pack for these lesson plans here.I updated them … Continue reading El Gaucho Lesson Plans

Running Dictation Extension

Julia developed an awesome extension for running dictations (click here to read how to do a basic running dictation)! Instead of having students record the events on a single piece of paper, she had the secretary write each event on a separate square of paper. After the secretary recorded it, he or she passed the paper … Continue reading Running Dictation Extension