El niño desobediente Story Script

This is the long-awaited story script for Unit #14 of my curriculum map! I finally finished the project I was working on and had time to type up the script! Lesson plans to follow...sometime. Click here to download 7-day lesson plans to use the target structures from this story to teach your students about Los … Continue reading El niño desobediente Story Script

What did I say?

A good teacher is always looking for ways to vary his or her assessments. Administering varied assessment types allows for differences in student strengths and weaknesses and provides novelty. Novelty is important because it makes the assessment feel less like an exam and more like an activity, which reduces anxiety and lowers the affective filter, … Continue reading What did I say?

#authres are overrated

This is coming from the lady that just presented at ACTFL on the importance of #authres and how to use them in novice language classes. Kind of a contradiction. #authres are important, but they are not everything. I was able to eek out two or three tweets on Saturday morning before taking off for errands, … Continue reading #authres are overrated

I’ve Got a New Way to Write!

Free Writing is common component in TPRS®/CI classrooms. Many teachers do weekly, timed free writes; others are less consistent, but you will be hard pressed to find a trained TPRS®/CI teacher that doesn't use them at all. As with anything, though, we like to keep our students guessing, don't we?! More than that--we need to keep them … Continue reading I’ve Got a New Way to Write!