Comprehensify your textbook readings!

As an Alaskan, PNCFL is my ‘home’ region, but with Minneapolis just a six-hour direct flight from Anchorage, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend this year’s CSCTFL conference. Paired with a day spent observing Susan Block Johnson and an afternoon QAR session, it was the perfect way to spend this past week. I … Continue reading Comprehensify your textbook readings!

Once you learn how to make input comprehensible, you can use anything as a source for CI--even your textbook!

Textbooks and TPRS

I've received several emails lately from teachers that long to use TPRS, but feel trapped because their department requires them to teach textbook units and give textbook assessments. Most of these teachers have heard that thematic units go against everything that CI stands for, and that the two are diametrically opposed. While it is true … Continue reading Textbooks and TPRS