Horizontal Conjugation

My second year Spanish students need some practice distinguishing between subjects with their verb forms (subject/verb agreement), so I modified and typed up one of my student's free writes (work smarter, not harder, right?) for a good ol' horizontal conjugation practice. Then, I realized that I needed another reading assessment for that class, so I … Continue reading Horizontal Conjugation

Conversation Re-Write

In Chapter 3 of Pobre Ana, Ana meets Susana and they talk for about five pages about all sorts of interesting things. However, they manage to do it in an extremely un-interesting way. Today, my students' assignment was to re-write their conversation (using false information, if desired) so that it was interesting. This could be … Continue reading Conversation Re-Write

Pobre Ana Chapter 3 Reading Assessment

Here is a reading assessment that I made for Chapter 3 of Pobre Ana that incorporates all four kinds of QAR and some of the specific questions that I learned in my training with Susan Van Zant. If you'd like an editable copy so that you can modify it for the different language versions of the novel, … Continue reading Pobre Ana Chapter 3 Reading Assessment