Love Recipe

Julia used this short to do several MovieTalk demos in French at TPRS gatherings here in Anchorage, and she MovieTalked it to my students in Spanish. It is great to include in any unit about cooking, dating, getting ready/reflexive verbs, or house and home vocab. I used it to do a targeted study of … Continue reading Love Recipe

La muchacha y la ardilla Script

So remember how I mentioned that I have an intern this quarter? Well, she's awesome. It has been SO GREAT to have someone to talk through ideas with. Two brains are better than one, that's for sure! We just finished a killer CI-friendly introduction to -AR preterite verbs (since I am backtracking and trying to … Continue reading La muchacha y la ardilla Script

Houdini Rope Escape, Movie Talk I used this clip of Houdini's rope escape to practice MovieTalk with my Spanish 2's after we used the Houdini Slideshow from El Nuevo Houdini's Teacher Guide to introduce the book by the same name. Great success!! It was fun to watch the clip slowly, pausing frequently to MovieTalk it, waiting with anticipation to … Continue reading Houdini Rope Escape, Movie Talk