La paix commence par toi – PPT for French classes

Thank you so much to Virginia Browne for translating the slideshow that I shared yesterday into French. I am still a wee baby French speaker, so please let me know if I made any errors while re-typing the file! Click here to download it and click here to learn why I created it. Also, in light … Continue reading La paix commence par toi – PPT for French classes

Shop to win a class set of novels and save 25% on language teaching resources!

Can you believe that it is already time to think about going back to school this fall? Part of the back to school stress is due to having SO. MUCH. TO. THINK. ABOUT. Whether you spent your summer at conferences or took the entire summer off to just rest and enjoy your family, reality is … Continue reading Shop to win a class set of novels and save 25% on language teaching resources!

MovieTalk + TPRS® = Magic

MovieTalk has quickly become a favorite strategy for providing comprehensible input to language learners since Michele Whaley brought it to the TCI world in 2012. Developed by Dr. Ashley Hastings as the listening module for the Focal Skills ESL program, MovieTalk is an incredibly effective activity because it provides loads of comprehensible input to students. I just … Continue reading MovieTalk + TPRS® = Magic

A simple story for beginning language students

For the second year in a row, I participated in a local "Kids 2 College" program. It's a day when local 5th graders visit the community college and take college classes so that they can see what college is like. The funny thing is that I teach the Spanish classes, and I am not the Spanish professor … Continue reading A simple story for beginning language students

Elementary adaptations: Crafts!

Laura Masci, who teaches Spanish at the elementary level, emailed me to share a few of the ways that she has adapted the 'Dice' unit, and specifically the teaching of the song "Los pollitos dicen" for her young students. Laura just began her TCI journey, and she wrote, "These elementary students are more engaged in the … Continue reading Elementary adaptations: Crafts!

Storytelling….en français!!

Even though the first day of school is now a distant memory, I hope that this post will not go to waste! Perhaps you are about to receive a new group of students in the coming quarter, or perhaps you are already stockpiling ideas for how to do things differently next fall. Either way, I've a treat … Continue reading Storytelling….en français!!

There is/There are

Hay--the word for "there is" or "there are" in Spanish--is one of the highest frequency structures in any language.'s not one of the easiest to teach because it is difficult for students to form a mental picture with which to associate it. As with any new structure, give your students the translation (ideally, in written … Continue reading There is/There are

Character Cards for First Day Seating

Alright everyone, I am currently getting about five emails a day asking me to send the editable files for the character cards that I use for my first day seating assignments. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EMAIL ME TO ACCESS THESE FILES!! They are already uploaded, free, on Teachers Pay Teachers. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD … Continue reading Character Cards for First Day Seating