Wordoku de Noël

Ask and ye shall receive! Beth Lemoine wasted no time translating my Spanish Christmas Wordoku to French after my Christmas activities post late last night. She is a translating maniac! French teachers, y'all need to send the lady a fruit basket!! I am so grateful for the time that she puts into translating materials from … Continue reading Wordoku de Noël

Christmas in French, Spanish, and…adaptable ideas

Time for the obligatory Christmas post! I have found plenty of new activities that you can consider adding to your lessons about traditions in Spanish speaking countries (and even a couple for Francophone countries, hey-o!) We'll start with the best and most important thing that any language teacher could do at this time of the year … Continue reading Christmas in French, Spanish, and…adaptable ideas

Anuncio para la Lotería de Navidad 2015: {free} resource pack!

I just couldn't wait. I love the 2015 commercial so much! I have spent the whole afternoon crying in front of my computer as I watch and re-watch it (probably in part due to pregnancy; but who could say for certain). I put together a resource pack with readings and some extension activities that you can … Continue reading Anuncio para la Lotería de Navidad 2015: {free} resource pack!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery: 2015 Commercial

This year's official commercial for the Spanish Christmas Lottery was released early this morning. Kent House shared it on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching group on Facebook and oh, I am so glad that he did! These commercials make me cry every year. Instead of luck and fortune and indulgence, each year they uphold the values of generosity … Continue reading The Spanish Christmas Lottery: 2015 Commercial

Christmas activities

Christmas is a major holiday in many cultures, and Spanish-speaking countries are no exception. I have developed and shared several resources over the years that work well in Spanish classes: Here is a link to a post that contains My favorite Christmas songs, with lyrics and links to videos. This is a Spanish-language reading (suitable for … Continue reading Christmas activities

Christmas activities

Here are a few resources that I have created and used in the past to teach my students about Christmas celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries: My favorite Christmas songs FREE Mexican Christmas traditions reading Readings and activities for typical Christmas traditions...currently, just La Pastorela, El Día de los Inocentes and El Día de los Reyes Magos. … Continue reading Christmas activities

Christmas Songs

Here are all of my favorite traditional Christmas songs from Spanish-speaking countries, as well as some Spanish-language-versions of English songs (I included those in the document because they are part of the 'International SongFest' that our district celebrates every year; we don't spend much time on them in class.). The lyrics are in this document: … Continue reading Christmas Songs