SALE! Plan for next year with CONFIDENCE

  Are you ready for the 2018-2019 school year to be your best year yet? I have some great news: you have come to the right place at the right time. There are oodles of ways to provide your students with rich, comprehensible input. For the first time ever, there are many different curriculum and no-curriculum … Continue reading SALE! Plan for next year with CONFIDENCE

Popointendente - the latest poop story, fresh for your Spanish classes!

Another poop story for your Spanish class

With a total of 19 Tweets, Facebook tags, emails, text messages, and Facebook messages in 48 hours, I am just thrilled to know that I am the first person you think of when you hear a good poop story (thank you, Correcaca). Perhaps you saw on the news that there is a new caca-criminal in town--and this … Continue reading Another poop story for your Spanish class

A collection of the BEST brain breaks for any age, any class!!!

Best Brain Breaks

Reading and listening are the core components of comprehension based language classes. We know that students acquire language when they hear and read messages that they understand--so read and listen they will! Sometimes, we share short, easily digestible texts with students. Other times, we need to read a text of a significant length in order … Continue reading Best Brain Breaks

Weekly news stories in Spanish delivered to your inbox--news summaries from the Spanish speaking world. Perfect for Spanish students and language learners! EL MUNDO EN TUS MANOS

News you can use in Spanish classes: new subscriptions!

This spring, we celebrated the two year anniversary of El Mundo en tus manos, the news publication that brings you simplified news stories from the Spanish speaking world! It has been a fantastic two years, and I have enjoyed curating current events from around the globe to bring you interesting and important stories that will … Continue reading News you can use in Spanish classes: new subscriptions!

Need help writing a résumé for your next world language teaching job? This post includes some general tips as well as specific ideas for describing what you do in your current position.

Hey, teacher–need help with your résumé?

You are a great teacher. You are learning and growing, you are connecting with your students, you are an expert in your content area, and you are a team player. You are an ideal candidate--but are you able to communicate that effectively on your résumé? You probably know that I love writing lessons, but do you know … Continue reading Hey, teacher–need help with your résumé?

Have a speed cup competition in your language classes; narrate in the target language "Can s/he do it in less than __ seconds? Can s/he do it faster than [other student]"? etc

Play Speed Cup in your language class!!

My kindergartener came home from school on Friday raving about this super cool game that he had learned in P.E. (Why this was a PE lesson, I am not entirely sure.) He couldn't wait to teach all of us how to play--and all he needed was 12 cups that had holes in the bottom. I grabbed a stack … Continue reading Play Speed Cup in your language class!!

Six favorite songs for Spanish 1

10 songs I love for Spanish 1

Every class of Spanish students should be exposed to a healthy blend of actually cool songs in Spanish, classic songs in Spanish, and pretend cool songs in Spanish. I use music a lot--sometimes, we do nothing more than listen to a song for fun or watch the music video. Other times, we will do a quick … Continue reading 10 songs I love for Spanish 1

Paul Toth, Associate Professor at Temple University, joins a conversation about "What is Grammar Instruction?" and its role in the L2 classroom.

What is Grammar Instruction?

What is grammar instruction? What does it do for language acquisition, and what should its role be in a language classroom? These are some of the questions that a group of enthusiastic language teachers tackled on Friday evening at OFLA with Keynote speaker, Paul Toth (read his bio here). Following Carol Gaab's address at the OFLA awards group, … Continue reading What is Grammar Instruction?

Design assessments that support student success - hacks for writing assessments

Develop assessments that support student success

The outcome of an assessment is never entirely dependent on student competency. There are a bazillion factors that influence student performance on an exam, and truly very few of them give us information about how well the student knows the material. With regard to assessment, it is our responsibility as teachers to limit the influence of those … Continue reading Develop assessments that support student success