Hispanic Heritage Month Writing Idea

Biography.com has a nice variety of fairly short biographies (written in English) of twelve different people from Spanish-speaking countries. For a writing activity, I had my students choose two and summarize them in Spanish. My directions were to include Where and when the person was born Where s/he lives (or lived) Something about his/her personal … Continue reading Hispanic Heritage Month Writing Idea

Storyboard Writing Form

My students are taking longer than expected to complete an individual speaking assessment (a good thing--they are saying a lot!), so I am trying to find different kinds of activities that they can work on independently while I finish up the last few (they can only read so many different things before they get sick … Continue reading Storyboard Writing Form

Free Write Form with Rubric

I updated my Free Write Form yesterday after a great conversation in our Electives team meeting about curriculum alignment and collaboration in our building. The Language Arts Department instructs and assesses student work based on the Six Traits Writing model, and next year all students will be given a universal writing screener that all faculty will … Continue reading Free Write Form with Rubric