Get them talking!

We all have those classes that just won't stop talking...and we all have those classes that just won't start talking! Such is the case with one of my second-year classes (level 1B). It's a great group of kids, and they are very good students, but getting them to participate in discussions or speak up in general is worse than … Continue reading Get them talking!

Mad Libs for Comprehensible Input

I needed to spend today prepping vocabulary for Chapter 2 of El Nuevo Houdini with my Spanish 2 students. There are a few words in the chapter that are important to the understanding of the chapter with which my students are not yet familiar, or might have trouble recognizing. For example, most of them have … Continue reading Mad Libs for Comprehensible Input

Once you learn how to make input comprehensible, you can use anything as a source for CI--even your textbook!

Textbooks and TPRS

I've received several emails lately from teachers that long to use TPRS, but feel trapped because their department requires them to teach textbook units and give textbook assessments. Most of these teachers have heard that thematic units go against everything that CI stands for, and that the two are diametrically opposed. While it is true … Continue reading Textbooks and TPRS

You Are What You Eat

This excellent activity comes to you from Kyra Rice via my awesome ex-maternity sub B.Lo. (Today is my first official day back--a planning/grading day, thank the Lord!) Kyra called it "You Are What You Eat", but it can be modified to suit just about anything; B.Lo. used it to present likes (foods, music, activities, etc.) … Continue reading You Are What You Eat


*Reflection, 5 years later...I left the classroom three years ago, and I have attended many, many conferences and workshops since then. I've read a lot of research, books, and blogs, and I think that I can say honestly that I have considered all of it. I am confident that output doesn't lead to language acquisition, so when I said … Continue reading Greetings