Movietalk is a powerful strategy that uses high interest films as a source of linguistic input for acquisition. One of the easiest and most fun strategies you can use to teach in the target language!

MovieTalk: Interpretive Listening Magic!

Looking for ways to spend more class time using the target language? You need MovieTalk! Last week, I joined World Languages Tech guru Rachel Lucas for a LIVE on her Facebook page to share how this easy activity has empowered thousands of teachers to confidently fill class time with rich target language. Click here to … Continue reading MovieTalk: Interpretive Listening Magic!

A collection of the BEST brain breaks for any age, any class!!!

Best Brain Breaks

Reading and listening are the core components of comprehension based language classes. We know that students acquire language when they hear and read messages that they understand--so read and listen they will! Sometimes, we share short, easily digestible texts with students. Other times, we need to read a text of a significant length in order … Continue reading Best Brain Breaks

REVIEW: La Casa de la Dentista Graphic Novel

If you haven’t heard by now, Wooly’s new graphic novel has made its way into the hands of a few teacher-bloggers scattered around the country. (Thinking about starting a blog? You should do it before Wooly decides to write a third graphic novel so you can get a sneak peek too ;-)). He sent them … Continue reading REVIEW: La Casa de la Dentista Graphic Novel

Revista Literal: Free e-zine for Spanish students!

A few weeks ago, I did a giveaway that required teachers to write short stories in order to enter. There were so many fun little stories that I just had to find something to do with them. And so I did. Then, Profe Vecchitto shared a hilarious story that her class created working from my Búscalo … Continue reading Revista Literal: Free e-zine for Spanish students!

#UnidosPorPuertoRico Materials for Spanish teachers

Many of us pursued a career as a Spanish teacher because at some point we became connected to a Spanish speaking culture. Maybe we were born into one, maybe we traveled, maybe we studied abroad, maybe we met a cute guy at a salsa lesson and now we're married and have a pile of salsa-dancing … Continue reading #UnidosPorPuertoRico Materials for Spanish teachers

Los héroes del terremoto – Materials for Spanish teachers

An 8.2 earthquake shook southern Mexico on September 7, leaving Oaxaca completely devastated. It was the strongest earthquake that Mexico had felt in 100 years. Just 12 days later--when relief efforts were still in their infancy and aftershocks continued to rock the area--a second earthquake of magnitude 7.2 struck central Mexico. The 7.1 quake occurred … Continue reading Los héroes del terremoto – Materials for Spanish teachers

Madame Courtcaca: FREE slideshow in French!

Thanks to the quick work of Christy Miller, French students can enjoy the poop runner craze that is sweeping the nation: I decided to do something a little different with the French version than with the Spanish. Past tense verbs appear in a blue font to help students that are as of yet unfamiliar with … Continue reading Madame Courtcaca: FREE slideshow in French!

How to write comprehensible texts

Once I moved away from using the textbook as the center of my curriculum, I was free to bring in all kinds of new texts. Popular songs, novels written for language learners, picture books, short non-fiction readings prepared by me, infographics, edited stories written by my students or co-created by the class, and more. By … Continue reading How to write comprehensible texts

La Correcaca de Colorado Springs: current events in Spanish!

I have a friend that teaches Spanish in Colorado Springs. I won't name her because I can't be certain that she is not the subject of the criminal investigation that is ongoing in her town. But you know who you are, Julie. Anyway, I read about this story when a friend of that friend that … Continue reading La Correcaca de Colorado Springs: current events in Spanish!