My Cup Runneth Over

Using stories as a core component of my instruction has given me an endless supply of student-generated content that I can use to create future lesson plans. Here are some ways that my students generate content: The class co-creates a TPRS story Students write quick stories for bellwork using a set of vocabulary Students do … Continue reading My Cup Runneth Over

Spanish 1 Sub Plan Storyboard

I had my first sub for the year on Friday and again tomorrow so that I could attend the 2012 AFLA conference in Fairbanks. (It was awesome, by the way--Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. Christine Sims, and Dr. Diane Larsen-Freeman were our keynote speakers, and local stars like Betsy Paskvan, Victoria Gellert, and Michele Whaley presented … Continue reading Spanish 1 Sub Plan Storyboard

Crossword Puzzle

In my school, crossword puzzles have come to represent everything that is wrong with education. With a constant emphasis on the Five Dimensions of Teaching, our principal is very clear in saying that crossword puzzles do not fit into any of those five dimensions. Word searches and crossword puzzles do not teach our students anything--they … Continue reading Crossword Puzzle

El día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso

This activity has several inspirations: Sarah Camblin, the French teacher at my school--her students are using this format to write about the frequency with which they do different activities in each season. Michele/Jenny and the story about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. The book "Alexander y el día terrible, horrible, espantoso, … Continue reading El día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso

You Are What You Eat

This excellent activity comes to you from Kyra Rice via my awesome ex-maternity sub B.Lo. (Today is my first official day back--a planning/grading day, thank the Lord!) Kyra called it "You Are What You Eat", but it can be modified to suit just about anything; B.Lo. used it to present likes (foods, music, activities, etc.) … Continue reading You Are What You Eat