Sub plans for challenging classes

I have seen many plans over the years that give students an opportunity to show their work ethic and social skills by completing creative tasks together. My sub plans were not like this. I spent most of my years in a middle school with large classes of 35 squirrely, defiant pre-teens and teens, and sub … Continue reading Sub plans for challenging classes

Sub Plans for French Classes

The good thing about my daughter holding off on her arrival is that it has given our family time to get healthy. But, okay, I'm at 40 weeks and the coughs and runny noses are gone so...come on, little lady! If you teach French and, like me, have found yourself stricken with a mid-winter illness, I have … Continue reading Sub Plans for French Classes

Easy sub plans to begin a unit

Shanna Hellerich, a Spanish teacher using the ¡Búscalo! story this fall, sent me this email: "I just wanted to share with you an extension activity I made to go along with the beginning of the Buscalo unit you created.  I needed sub plans for class and didn't want to delay the vocab in the unit, so … Continue reading Easy sub plans to begin a unit

Planning for unplanned absences

Ah, emergency sub plans! A beginning-of-the-year requirement that makes most teachers want to call in sick. Well, not really because that would require using the emergency sub plans that you worked so hard to put together. Seriously, though, planning for unplanned absences (creating emergency sub plans) is not easy! You don't know when you will … Continue reading Planning for unplanned absences

“Go fish!” to review a story

Instead of playing with a deck of cards, play this familiar children’s game with scenes from a film or story as an opportunity to practice output in language classes. For more on the role of output in Comprehensible Input classes, please read this post. INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare students for this output activity by pre-loading them with … Continue reading “Go fish!” to review a story