El Viajero Script and Lesson Plans

We just finished an introductory unit on illegal immigration/ border crossing in Spanish A. My students learned the structures 'llega allí", 'regresa a su país', and 'lleva' using the story script for El Viajero (Download it here in Spanish and English), and then we spent a few days using me-generated and authentic resources to learn … Continue reading El Viajero Script and Lesson Plans

La madre de Jasón Script

The journey continues...and I am continuing to love it as my students continue to have great success learning new structures and producing grammatically correct past narration! Woohoo! We followed up our focused study of -AR regular preterite verbs, using the "La muchacha y la ardilla" story, with a focused study of -ER and -IR regular … Continue reading La madre de Jasón Script

La muchacha y la ardilla Script

So remember how I mentioned that I have an intern this quarter? Well, she's awesome. It has been SO GREAT to have someone to talk through ideas with. Two brains are better than one, that's for sure! We just finished a killer CI-friendly introduction to -AR preterite verbs (since I am backtracking and trying to … Continue reading La muchacha y la ardilla Script

Carlos el Cleptómano Script and Lesson Plans

This is a fun story that we did about a kleptomaniac. Download complete lesson plans here that include everything you need to teach the structures and study dating traditions in Spanish speaking countries (perfect for Valentine's Day!). They include in-class activities, sub plans/homework, two songs, a listening assessment, a cultural reading assessment and discussion questions, two … Continue reading Carlos el Cleptómano Script and Lesson Plans

Las novias de mi hermano Script

To download complete lesson plans to accompany this script, please click here. TARGET STRUCTURES va a - s/he goes to su hermano tiene - his/her brother has su novia está enojada - his girlfriend is angry PRACTICE SENTENCES El muchacho va al parque con su novia y con su hermano. The boy goes to the … Continue reading Las novias de mi hermano Script

La Universidad Story Script

I published a different version of this script on my old website several years ago, but I updated it to include more useful, high frequency structures. I wrote it specifically to be used during our school's celebration of "University Week". The file is attached here (Universidad Script), and it includes English translations. For information on how … Continue reading La Universidad Story Script

Ladrones Story Script

Download complete lesson plans and documents here to teach a five-day unit about robbers in Spanish-speaking countries using this set of target structures. TARGET STRUCTURES deja - leaves behind/allows la misma tienda - the same store lleva una camisa - wears a shirt CONTEXTUALIZED SENTENCES El muchacho deja sus papels en la clase de matemáticas … Continue reading Ladrones Story Script