“I don’t understand how to ask a story.”

You've got a new comprehension-based curriculum, and you'd be 100% sold if it weren't for that storyasking part. You've got a script, but what the heck do you do with it? Many teachers have asked the same question before. Storyasking is an invented word meant to differentiate creating a story from telling a story. If you've … Continue reading “I don’t understand how to ask a story.”

TPRS story script for preterite -er/-ir verbs Misión cumplida la madre de jasón

New TPRS script for La madre de Jasón

A teacher posted in the SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration group yesterday that she just can't get with the original story script that I included with my Madre de Jasón unit plans. This was not a new sentiment--the original story was written by one of my eighth graders, and the premise was definitely weird and perhaps inappropriate … Continue reading New TPRS script for La madre de Jasón

Valentine’s Day Story Script

One of the first TPRS® stories that I did with my students back in 2010 was "La novia ingrata" (the ungrateful girlfriend), which was a script shared on Ben Slavic's blog by *I believe* Anne Matava. I ended up purchasing Anne Matava's Scripts (Volumes 1 and 2, and there is now a Volume 3 available!), … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Story Script

Story script to target -AR imperfect verb conjugations

Hey amigos, I've got a new script for you! And guess what?? It TARGETS -AR imperfect conjugations! Yes, folks...this script here will provide your students with some good ol' comprehensible, targeted input! But let's be clear here--the kind of targeting that I do with this story (and the way that I intend for you to use … Continue reading Story script to target -AR imperfect verb conjugations

The naughty little brother

I have a pile of lesson plans in my office that were all created using resources that other teachers, bloggers, and presenters have shared over the years. My intention is to track down the original creator for each one and ask permission to share what I did with their resources on this blog, but mostly the papers … Continue reading The naughty little brother

Cuesta Demasiado Script

This is the script for Unit #25 of my Spanish 1 curriculum--the English translation is below the Spanish script. I posted a different version of this script in 2011, but I later modified the target structures to better prepare my students to read novels. I'm working on compiling and formatting the rest of the resources for … Continue reading Cuesta Demasiado Script

There is/There are

Hay--the word for "there is" or "there are" in Spanish--is one of the highest frequency structures in any language. However...it's not one of the easiest to teach because it is difficult for students to form a mental picture with which to associate it. As with any new structure, give your students the translation (ideally, in written … Continue reading There is/There are

La mamá vigilante Story Script

**Great news! this unit is ALMOST READY FOR PUBLICATION! Expect it by the end of February 2017! Here is the story script for Unit 23 of my Spanish 1 curriculum (which I actually taught at the beginning of my students' second year of Spanish in Spanish 1B). I have been referring to it as 'La hija desobediente' … Continue reading La mamá vigilante Story Script