Speaking Assessment Notes Form

I made this form to organize my notes and give feedback for speaking assessments. I like to use this instead of rubrics for assessments in which students are speaking 1:1 with me because I think that it gives them very detailed feedback that is specific to them. It helps me, as the adjudicator, to organize my … Continue reading Speaking Assessment Notes Form

How to administer and grade speaking assessments for world language students

Speaking Assessments

Many very intelligent people have said that it is important to administer a variety of assessment types for each skill set. This will give you a deeper, more meaningful understanding of your students' proficiency in that skill area. For some speaking assessment ideas, please see this post! Regardless of which speaking assessment you choose to … Continue reading Speaking Assessments

Simultaneous Presentations

This is a great way to do presentations that my awesome mentor, Nina Bonito-Romine shared with me last year. It spares you and your students the pain of sitting quietly and straining to hear 34 separate individual presentations. Each student should have a presentation prop (a poster or worksheet that they can refer to while … Continue reading Simultaneous Presentations