Una Navidad memorable

I just stumbled across this activity that I used to use on the first day back from break in Spanish 2. The activity and discussion that it sparked easily filled the first 55 minute period after break. It's a simple form for a communicative activity in which students interview each other about their Christmas vacations. After they get … Continue reading Una Navidad memorable

Tissue Box Book Reports

I've been working on compiling some ideas for creative book reports/story re-tell props/presentations. One idea that I came across are tissue box book reports (see Joy in the Journey for an example). I also stumbled upon some awesome pictures of tissue box monsters and other fun tissue box creations, but I didn't see anyone that … Continue reading Tissue Box Book Reports

Embedded Storyboard (Updated)

I made a new version of my embedded storyboard today (the idea originally came from Michele Whaley). With the old one, which was meant to include the most general/basic information at the top and then add more details moving down the columns, it was difficult to explain the problem and give the basic plot outline … Continue reading Embedded Storyboard (Updated)

Get them talking!

We all have those classes that just won't stop talking...and we all have those classes that just won't start talking! Such is the case with one of my second-year classes (level 1B). It's a great group of kids, and they are very good students, but getting them to participate in discussions or speak up in general is worse than … Continue reading Get them talking!

Use a stack of mini-rubrics to grade student speaking assessments on the fly - perfect for any world language class!

Laura Terrill on Assessment

My Cooperative Learning class had an awesome all-day session with Laura Terrill yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming in that she touched on so many different topics--assessment, cooperative learning, course structure, social emotional learning...it was a lot to take in. I was pleasantly surprised because she is not "officially" a CI/TPRS teacher, but almost everything that … Continue reading Laura Terrill on Assessment

[Literary] Team Windows

Team Windows is another Kagan structure that works most wonderfully for small-group discussion about literature. In small groups, one member will make a statement, and the remainder express agreement or disagreement with that statement. The statement and the number of group members that agree with it are recorded. Ideas for specific use follow the directions. … Continue reading [Literary] Team Windows

Before/After Cooperative Learning

We had our first Cooperative Learning class meeting last night, and thanks to some high-quality 'Think-Pair-Sharing' with the lovely, hilarious, and supremely talented Ms. Diana Painter, I left with some great ideas about how to use Cooperative Learning structures with TPRS. This was one of her ideas for using the Kagan structure 'Hands-Up, Stand-Up, Pair-Up' … Continue reading Before/After Cooperative Learning