Sube la mano y grita sol – David Bisbal

Spanish teachers can never have enough soccer songs, can we? Soccer is such an important part of the culture in Spanish-speaking countries that it tends to come up in at least a small way in many texts that we teach. I love this soccer song because the language is, overall, quite accessible to novice and … Continue reading Sube la mano y grita sol – David Bisbal

Cabeza, Hombro, Rodilla y Pie

Head, shoulders, knees and....foot. How can you NOT use this song in Spanish? It is *almost* an exact translation of its English counterpart, and almost every student in your class will recognize it. Instead of simply giving your students the vocabulary, turn it into a class discussion filled with comprehensible input by talking about … Continue reading Cabeza, Hombro, Rodilla y Pie

Cielito Lindo

Spanish teachers all over the world use Cielito Lindo in their classes--simple, comprehensible lyrics; a traditional song; and gazillions of versions to choose from. What's not to love? Songs are great for energizing students, generating enthusiasm, and sparking interest in the target culture. As with any authentic resource, however, "If it's worth doing, it's worth discussing!". … Continue reading Cielito Lindo