Six favorite songs for Spanish 1

10 songs I love for Spanish 1

Every class of Spanish students should be exposed to a healthy blend of actually cool songs in Spanish, classic songs in Spanish, and pretend cool songs in Spanish. I use music a lot--sometimes, we do nothing more than listen to a song for fun or watch the music video. Other times, we will do a quick … Continue reading 10 songs I love for Spanish 1

What is March Music Madness? Many teachers share how they implement this fun activity and why in their world language classes each Spring!

March Music Madness: Advice from the experts

Have you heard whisperings of March Music Madness, but aren't quite sure what it is or how to implement it? You have come to the right place! While I left the classroom before I learned about March Music Madness (MMM), I am a huge fan and will absolutely implement when I return to the classroom. This tournament-style … Continue reading March Music Madness: Advice from the experts

Paloma blanca – free song activity in Spanish (and a chance to win!)

Last week, I happened to look up the music video for the song "Enamórate" by DVicio. I like the song okay, but the music video leaves much to be desired. I shared my thoughts about it on Facebook. The next day, Jody Noble seriously one-upped me. She shared this music video and tagged me in the … Continue reading Paloma blanca – free song activity in Spanish (and a chance to win!)

New(ish) materials in French and Spanish

Here are some materials that I have finished up and posted within the last few months...most notably and laboriously, Unit 5 of my French 1 curriculum (Le Tour de France) and the very long awaited Unit 23 of my Spanish 1 curriculum (El Camino de Santiago).  My husband is so sick of this song. Every time … Continue reading New(ish) materials in French and Spanish

Learning French with authentic resources

My French journey continues! After adapting the first two units of my Level 1 curriculum into French with translations from Julia Ullman and help from Karen Oberlander and Megan Murphy late last year, I finally sat down this week to work on Unit 3. I wish it hadn't taken me so long! I just read a … Continue reading Learning French with authentic resources

Juguemos en el bosque

Back in the day, I turned the classic children's song "Juguemos en el bosque" into a game for my students to play and get in repetitions of clothing vocabulary. It was a great filler game and always an option for P.A.T., in addition to a planned part of the lesson for any unit that targeted high frequency structures … Continue reading Juguemos en el bosque

30+ ways to use music in Spanish classes -- adaptable for any language class!!

What can I DO {-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-da} with a song?

I’ve yet to meet a world language teacher that does not want to use authentic songs from the target culture(s) in their classrooms. Like all good authentic resources, a well-chosen song will serve to excite and inspire, give new perspectives, intrigue, and excite your students. Like many teachers, I introduce a new song at least … Continue reading What can I DO {-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-da} with a song?

Elementary adaptations: Crafts!

Laura Masci, who teaches Spanish at the elementary level, emailed me to share a few of the ways that she has adapted the 'Dice' unit, and specifically the teaching of the song "Los pollitos dicen" for her young students. Laura just began her TCI journey, and she wrote, "These elementary students are more engaged in the … Continue reading Elementary adaptations: Crafts!

Songs for Level 2

If you've not yet followed The Comprehensible Classroom on Facebook, please do! It's a great way to get great resources from the TPRS®/CI world--I've been sharing my favorite blog posts, Facebook posts, and Pinterest finds over the last few weeks. It's also a great way to send me questions, although I think that the best … Continue reading Songs for Level 2

Sube la mano y grita sol – David Bisbal

Spanish teachers can never have enough soccer songs, can we? Soccer is such an important part of the culture in Spanish-speaking countries that it tends to come up in at least a small way in many texts that we teach. I love this soccer song because the language is, overall, quite accessible to novice and … Continue reading Sube la mano y grita sol – David Bisbal