Cada oveja con su pareja

It's a matching activity in disguise! Well, not so much in disguise as pretending to be cool. 'Cada oveja con su pareja' is the Spanish equivalent of 'Birds of a feather flock together'. I'd love to hear if there is a similar expression in other languages (post them in comments, if so!). Matching activities are … Continue reading Cada oveja con su pareja

Story Strips Activity

It's pretty easy to come up with many different ways to review portions of a story, but I've always had trouble thinking of unique activities that allow students to re-generate an entire text. Cynthia Hitz's "Back At'cha" works well for this, as does creating a Class Storybook. These activities are great, because they allow the … Continue reading Story Strips Activity

CCSS Aligned L2 Reading Comprehension Questions

About two months ago, I wrote a post explaining how second language teachers can use the Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading to give depth to their reading assessments and challenge students to think critically in the target language. Read it here. Understandably, some readers were left wondering what an assessment composed of CCSS Aligned questions … Continue reading CCSS Aligned L2 Reading Comprehension Questions

Jeopardy Q&A

I love this simple activity that I found on Pinterest because it is just so adaptable and takes zero preparation! As Comprehensible Input teachers, we are always looking for new ways to revisit stories, readings, and discussions so as to provide students with additional repetitions of target structures. Jeopardy Q&A is backward questioning--providing students with … Continue reading Jeopardy Q&A


I recently discovered this awesome website: Don't let the title fool you--it's great! Superlame allows students to upload photos and add speech, thought, etc. bubbles with text to them. What I love about this--as opposed to other, similar websites--is the ease of use. There are no 'catches' here! Unlike Bubblr (which requires students to use photos … Continue reading Superlame

Announcing…the Christmas Giveaway!

Thank you to November's winner, Kristin Duncan, for responding to my HELP! Tweet about ideas for the December giveaway. Thanks to her brilliant mind, I am very excited to announce that this month, one of my lucky readers will win a year-long subscription to I blogged about this awesome resource back in 2012, and … Continue reading Announcing…the Christmas Giveaway!