I recently discovered this awesome website: Don't let the title fool you--it's great! Superlame allows students to upload photos and add speech, thought, etc. bubbles with text to them. What I love about this--as opposed to other, similar websites--is the ease of use. There are no 'catches' here! Unlike Bubblr (which requires students to use photos … Continue reading Superlame

Creative Presentation Ideas

I think that most of you have already experienced the sweet bliss of the last day of school. You've probably breathed a huge sigh of relief, maybe shed a few tears (of joy or sorrow--perhaps both!), and hopefully taken a nice, long nap. Now...time to start planning for the fall! I've been trying to put … Continue reading Creative Presentation Ideas

Tissue Box Book Reports

I've been working on compiling some ideas for creative book reports/story re-tell props/presentations. One idea that I came across are tissue box book reports (see Joy in the Journey for an example). I also stumbled upon some awesome pictures of tissue box monsters and other fun tissue box creations, but I didn't see anyone that … Continue reading Tissue Box Book Reports