Practical advice for classroom management

You have done your research and planned your year with lessons and activities that are guaranteed to help your students make forward progress on the path to proficiency. Your planned lessons are input-rich and you know how to keep it comprehensible. You can't fail! ...except, you are failing. You're a few days in...a few weeks in maybe...and … Continue reading Practical advice for classroom management

What is Proficiency Oriented Language Instruction?

As language teachers, our goal for our students is to be more proficient in the target language when they complete our course than when they began. We probably have other goals for our students (being more kind, more empathetic, more responsible, more culturally aware), but all of these objectives fit into the overarching mission of … Continue reading What is Proficiency Oriented Language Instruction?

Language teachers can use these comprehension supports (1) to help a learner understand a message and the individual words and phrases that we use to communicate it, (2) to determine whether or not an individual is understanding a message, and (3) to make adjustments to the message accordingly. #TPRS #CI

How to teach such that they understand

If we want language to come OUT of our students’ mouths, we must get language IN to their heads. They need INput so that they can produce OUTput. » Input is reading and listening » Output is speaking and writing This is common sense. A learner cannot utter an expression in a new language if … Continue reading How to teach such that they understand

Conferencing this summer? Make your Tweets Sweet

If you are at a conference this summer and you have Twitter and you want to use it, send out as many SWEET TWEETS as you can! Sweet tweets: Not sweet as in the opposite of sassy; sweet as in...awesome. So...what makes a conference tweet sweet?   CONFERENCE HASHTAG Use the conference hashtag (#xxxx)! Make … Continue reading Conferencing this summer? Make your Tweets Sweet

Comprehensible input is critical for language acquisition. As language teachers, we must find ways to provide our students with input! But how do we GIVE input without LOSING our voice?

Give students input, keep your voice.

“I love CI. But I have 7 large classes a day. My voice begins to give out by my 4th period. What can I do?” Señora Spicer emailed in this question to the We Teach Languages podcast after listening to me chat with Stacey about how to write comprehensible texts on Episode 56 (click here to … Continue reading Give students input, keep your voice.

Join Martina Bex at Express Fluency language teacher training in Burlington, VT this summer!

Language teacher training in Vermont, August 2018

I am thrilled to be participating in this year's Express Fluency Language Teacher training in South Burlington, Vermont this summer, and I hope you will join me! Like iFLT, NTPRS, and Comprehensible Cascadia, Express Fluency offers this annual summer training for language teachers that are looking to learn how to help their students understand the language that … Continue reading Language teacher training in Vermont, August 2018

Need help writing a résumé for your next world language teaching job? This post includes some general tips as well as specific ideas for describing what you do in your current position.

Hey, teacher–need help with your résumé?

You are a great teacher. You are learning and growing, you are connecting with your students, you are an expert in your content area, and you are a team player. You are an ideal candidate--but are you able to communicate that effectively on your résumé? You probably know that I love writing lessons, but do you know … Continue reading Hey, teacher–need help with your résumé?

Paul Toth, Associate Professor at Temple University, joins a conversation about "What is Grammar Instruction?" and its role in the L2 classroom.

What is Grammar Instruction?

What is grammar instruction? What does it do for language acquisition, and what should its role be in a language classroom? These are some of the questions that a group of enthusiastic language teachers tackled on Friday evening at OFLA with Keynote speaker, Paul Toth (read his bio here). Following Carol Gaab's address at the OFLA awards group, … Continue reading What is Grammar Instruction?