North Sea Pirate giveaway winners!

Congratulations to the four winners of the North Sea Pirate giveaway! For everyone that entered and did not win (or that missed the deadline to enter), you can still download and use "The Legend" (an excerpt from the book) and contact Robert Harrell directly to place an order. His email address is included in the download! English … Continue reading North Sea Pirate giveaway winners!

Is it possible? A board game for post-reading

I've seen a lot of posts recently by teachers that are teaching novels for their classes and feeling like it is not going well. In many ways, teaching a novel as a unit is easy: most publishing companies have provided very complete Teacher's Guides for their novels, and a teacher simply needs to use the resources … Continue reading Is it possible? A board game for post-reading

A class set of novels for…

Congratulations to AMANDA MORA for winning the class set of novels from my Milestone Celebration!! I could not be more excited to announce this, since I know Amanda and think that she is amazing!!! You can follow her on Twitter @adiazmora, and I follow her on Pinterest too to get great teaching [and style] ideas. … Continue reading A class set of novels for…

Sentence BINGO ~ Fiesta Fatal Review

Oh, if only there were more hours in the day! I have so many posts that I need to write about the sessions that I attended at CSCTFL15 last week. I'll add them as I find time over the next few months! This CSCTFL15 share is another one from Mira Canion's presentation on Deepening Reading … Continue reading Sentence BINGO ~ Fiesta Fatal Review

“Go fish!” to review a story

Instead of playing with a deck of cards, play this familiar children’s game with scenes from a film or story as an opportunity to practice output in language classes. For more on the role of output in Comprehensible Input classes, please read this post. INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare students for this output activity by pre-loading them with … Continue reading “Go fish!” to review a story

Learning through Comprehensible Input

For the first time since learning about TPRS® and Comprehensible Input, I am not teaching through CI, but learning through CI. I've of course participated as a student in demonstrations and coaching sessions in languages that I don't know, but I've never "studied" a language for an extended period of time. (I say "studied" with quotation marks because I … Continue reading Learning through Comprehensible Input