What is Proficiency Oriented Language Instruction?

As language teachers, our goal for our students is to be more proficient in the target language when they complete our course than when they began. We probably have other goals for our students (being more kind, more empathetic, more responsible, more culturally aware), but all of these objectives fit into the overarching mission of … Continue reading What is Proficiency Oriented Language Instruction?

Dip your toes in CI: Get moving with TPR

For some of us, change happens fast. We take in information, make a decision, and take action immediately. For others of us, change happens slowly. We take in information, wrestle with it, take an action step, take a step back, take in more information, wrestle some more, take a few action steps, take a step … Continue reading Dip your toes in CI: Get moving with TPR

There is no substitute for stories.

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd0e4brhNKx/?taken-by=comprehensibleclassroom Waaaaay back in October, I had the great pleasure of attending TCI Maine, New England, and Beyond (I'll be there this October, too--come join me!). One of the reasons that I was particularly excited about this conference was because Anne Matava was going to be presenting. Anne Matava--aka the inventor/author of Matava scripts (she has published three volumes … Continue reading There is no substitute for stories.

I teach grammar.

Grammar. You just cringed; didn’t you?! I knew it. Golly there seems to be a lot of discord in the virtual realm lately—lots of professional disagreement about many different aspects of language teaching; but nothing that seems to bring out the war cries like a good old-fashioned mention of grammar. As Justo Lamas croons in … Continue reading I teach grammar.

Free TCI training TODAY (Sunday) at 6pm Central Time

This evening--Sunday, May 17, 2015--you can attend a TCI training for FREE from the comfort of your own home. Join Paulino Brener’s Google Hangout "Educators, Performers, Creators Show #15" at 6pm CDT to hear TCI strategies from Carol Gaab, Kristy Placido, Carrie Toth, and me! Here is the link to the Hangout: https://plus.google.com/…/events/cac27nnu40brd8cggk5tj67r3ds. Click the image below … Continue reading Free TCI training TODAY (Sunday) at 6pm Central Time

Learning through Comprehensible Input

For the first time since learning about TPRS® and Comprehensible Input, I am not teaching through CI, but learning through CI. I've of course participated as a student in demonstrations and coaching sessions in languages that I don't know, but I've never "studied" a language for an extended period of time. (I say "studied" with quotation marks because I … Continue reading Learning through Comprehensible Input

QAR en français!

Thanks to Samantha Uebel, who sent me French translations for my QAR materials, all of you French teachers out there can rest easy knowing that you can pop into class tomorrow and try out QAR without having to do the grunt work of translating everything for yourselves!! Yippee! Click here to download the materials in French, … Continue reading QAR en français!