A simple story for beginning language students

For the second year in a row, I participated in a local "Kids 2 College" program. It's a day when local 5th graders visit the community college and take college classes so that they can see what college is like. The funny thing is that I teach the Spanish classes, and I am not the Spanish professor … Continue reading A simple story for beginning language students

Elementary adaptations: Crafts!

Laura Masci, who teaches Spanish at the elementary level, emailed me to share a few of the ways that she has adapted the 'Dice' unit, and specifically the teaching of the song "Los pollitos dicen" for her young students. Laura just began her TCI journey, and she wrote, "These elementary students are more engaged in the … Continue reading Elementary adaptations: Crafts!

Tener (“to have”) people search

Being a comprehensible input teacher demands that students have opportunities to produce output. Read why here. Once we understand output is not a taboo for a TCI teacher, we can start the search for fun ways to allow students to build productive confidence and competency! "People searches" are one of the fastest, easiest, and lowest-anxiety output … Continue reading Tener (“to have”) people search

Storytelling….en français!!

Even though the first day of school is now a distant memory, I hope that this post will not go to waste! Perhaps you are about to receive a new group of students in the coming quarter, or perhaps you are already stockpiling ideas for how to do things differently next fall. Either way, I've a treat … Continue reading Storytelling….en français!!

MovieTalk and activities: Amazing Acrobat Thief Kid!

If you follow The Comprehensible Classroom on Facebook, you may have already seen this video. (If not, visit our Facebook page now and "like" us!") This video is perfect for MovieTalk because the action repeats several times within the video clip. (That's also what I love about the short film Destiny, which I've blogged about before.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK6BUj9iAOU … Continue reading MovieTalk and activities: Amazing Acrobat Thief Kid!

Una aventura de camping - Free storytelling unit for Spanish 1

Una aventura de camping: FREE UNIT!

I just put the finishing touches on the re-vamped Unit 18 of my Spanish 1 curriculum map. It is based on an adaptation from the second TPRS® story that I ever asked, and it targets the structures "oye algo", "se despierta", "se duerme", and "durante la noche". I use it to prepare my students to view and … Continue reading Una aventura de camping: FREE UNIT!

Going back to school is a CRIME!

I found a pin on Pinterest last night that immediately reminded me of Dave Burgess and his Pirate-like ways! It is a blog post about using crime scenes in language classes from BusyTeacher.org, and I think that it would make the PERFECT first-day-of-classes activity for returning language students. (Click here for other first-week-of school activities for first year … Continue reading Going back to school is a CRIME!

Teach your Novice + Intermediate Spanish students about Cinco de Mayo in Spanish class, all in the target language. Teach them the REAL history of Cinco de Mayo and the reality of the celebrations!

Cinco de Mayo

Mention Cinco de Mayo around a group of Spanish teachers and you'll probably get a few nasty glares. But why? There is much confusion about this popular celebration--beginning with the fact that it is really only popular in the United States--NOT in Mexico. Most US citizens (including your students) think that it is Mexican Independence … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo