Storytelling as Instruction

This.Prezi.Is.Awesome. Thanks to @vmorgana for Tweeting it out this morning! It explains various storytelling techniques, but also provides a compelling argument for how and why storytelling is an effective method of instruction in any content area. Awesome! ...and four hours later, this great article Tweeted by @SenorG, ACTFL Teacher of the Year, about the power of … Continue reading Storytelling as Instruction

High School Dropouts and Middle School

This is a fantastic video from Frontline about how a student's middle school experience--even in sixth grade--can predict whether or not that child will drop out of high school: The video states that if a sixth-grade student in a high-poverty school is present less than 80 percent of the time, fails math or English, … Continue reading High School Dropouts and Middle School

Grow Story Grow

This is one of my favorite language-learning resources. My students love it, and it is a great activity to leave as a sub plan or for a day that you plan to pull students for things like speaking assessments or portfolio reviews. Basically, students can log in and read dual-language electronic storybooks and complete follow-up … Continue reading Grow Story Grow

URL Swap

Hi all, Since I use this blog way more than my old google site, I've transferred the domain to this blog. If you want to access my old google site (I'll eventually transfer all of its files over here), you need to use its google URL: