A horizontal conjugation is a way for language students to attend to the grammar and syntax of a language by considering a text in its entirety--keeping the focus on MEANING, not FORM. Learn more at www.comprehensibleclassroom.com

Horizontal Conjugation

My second year Spanish students need some practice distinguishing between subjects with their verb forms (subject/verb agreement), so I modified and typed up one of my student's free writes (work smarter, not harder, right?) for a good ol' horizontal conjugation practice. What is a horizontal conjugation? A horizontal conjugation is a perspective re-write. It is … Continue reading Horizontal Conjugation

Cognates – A good sub plan!

Here is a worksheet that I created for my Spanish A students to complete tomorrow while I am at the 2011 AFLA Conference. I got the great idea to have students search for cognates in children's books (or whatever reading material you have) from Kristy Placido (she's aweomse!). You can leave it as part of … Continue reading Cognates – A good sub plan!