La muchacha y la ardilla Script

So remember how I mentioned that I have an intern this quarter? Well, she's awesome. It has been SO GREAT to have someone to talk through ideas with. Two brains are better than one, that's for sure! We just finished a killer CI-friendly introduction to -AR preterite verbs (since I am backtracking and trying to … Continue reading La muchacha y la ardilla Script

Introducing the Preterite

Unfortunately for me, 'backward planning' usually means doing things backward: as in the wrong order. I have never had a systematic way of introducing past tenses to my students, and so their knowledge of it is always somewhat spotty. They leave my Spanish II class able to interpret the past tense with ease, but their … Continue reading Introducing the Preterite

Literacy Night, Take 1

Our school is holding a "Literacy Night" on Friday evening. The goal of the evening is to provide fun, literacy-based enrichment activities for our students and their families. It will be running alongside our 6th Grade Orientation, which (as an Elective teacher) is my opportunity to recruit new students for my program. My challenge was … Continue reading Literacy Night, Take 1

Grammar Targets for Spanish I

Finding a maternity substitute was, for me, not unlike any classic tale of unrequited love. I was "enamored" by several of my options, only to find them uninterested, unavailable, or snatched out from under me by dazzling offers of full-time positions (Emily!). I began to think that there was no other option but to turn … Continue reading Grammar Targets for Spanish I

Caperucita Roja

I wrote this version of Little Red Riding Hood last year as a preterite practice for my students. It includes comprehension questions and a follow-up grammar activity that focuses on the verb forms. Sherry in PA found the activity on my website and created an ActivInspire Flipchart to accompany it. Her website also has super … Continue reading Caperucita Roja