Mafia scripts en français !

French teachers, today is your lucky day! I've got some free stuff for you! Last fall, I wrote and shared 15 simple story scripts in Spanish for teachers to get started playing Ben Wang's simplified version of Mafia. Yesterday, French teacher Lois Dalton emailed me to let me know that she had stayed up until midnight … Continue reading Mafia scripts en français !

Sub Plans for French Classes

The good thing about my daughter holding off on her arrival is that it has given our family time to get healthy. But, okay, I'm at 40 weeks and the coughs and runny noses are gone so...come on, little lady! If you teach French and, like me, have found yourself stricken with a mid-winter illness, I have … Continue reading Sub Plans for French Classes

Telling time in French: Paul et l’avion

Oh, French teachers! Today is your lucky day! We finished the French translation of my telling time lesson plans "just in time" for you to snag it during the Start Your Year Inspired sale and save 28 percent on the regular price! The lesson plans include a slideshow reading that contrasts the time expressions "it is [time]" and "at … Continue reading Telling time in French: Paul et l’avion

Wordoku de Noël

Ask and ye shall receive! Beth Lemoine wasted no time translating my Spanish Christmas Wordoku to French after my Christmas activities post late last night. She is a translating maniac! French teachers, y'all need to send the lady a fruit basket!! I am so grateful for the time that she puts into translating materials from … Continue reading Wordoku de Noël

Learning French with authentic resources

My French journey continues! After adapting the first two units of my Level 1 curriculum into French with translations from Julia Ullman and help from Karen Oberlander and Megan Murphy late last year, I finally sat down this week to work on Unit 3. I wish it hadn't taken me so long! I just read a … Continue reading Learning French with authentic resources

Question word posters en français and new additions

Yippee Yay! Dana Wilson emailed me most of the French translations of my Spanish question word posters earlier this week, and Catherine Ousselin (@CatherineKU72) helped me out with a few more! Mercy beau coup! Click on the image to download the file. What else is new for the 2015 school year? Check out these recently … Continue reading Question word posters en français and new additions

La créature: a reading for French 1

Merci beaucoup, Patricia Villa! Patricia emailed me the French translation of the horizontal conjugation activity that I shared a few days ago. She advised that it is a little more challenging to do the horizontal conjugation in French than in Spanish, so please model it and work through it with your students as much as … Continue reading La créature: a reading for French 1