The Spanish Christmas Lottery: 2015 Commercial

This year's official commercial for the Spanish Christmas Lottery was released early this morning. Kent House shared it on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching group on Facebook and oh, I am so glad that he did! These commercials make me cry every year. Instead of luck and fortune and indulgence, each year they uphold the values of generosity … Continue reading The Spanish Christmas Lottery: 2015 Commercial

Comprehensify-ing #authres

So you want to use authentic resources in your language class. Where do you start? CHOOSE A RESOURCE THAT YOU CAN HELP STUDENTS UNDERSTAND. This interview is incomprehensible for a Novice. There is just way too much language! The time and frustration that it would take them to sort through it all to find answers … Continue reading Comprehensify-ing #authres

Help! My students don’t get [x]!

We've all said it at some point: "HELP! My students don't get [when to use ser or estar][how to form the subjunctive][the difference between "I have" and "you have" in Spanish]! What should I do???" We run to our fellow department members (if we are fortunate enough to have any) or turn to our PLC for … Continue reading Help! My students don’t get [x]!

Question word posters en français and new additions

Yippee Yay! Dana Wilson emailed me most of the French translations of my Spanish question word posters earlier this week, and Catherine Ousselin (@CatherineKU72) helped me out with a few more! Mercy beau coup! Click on the image to download the file. What else is new for the 2015 school year? Check out these recently … Continue reading Question word posters en français and new additions

Five great Cinco de Mayo resources for Spanish classes

Cinco for El Cinco

Here are five great Cinco de Mayo resources that I've found around the Web. Coming off of a lively #authres conversation during #langchat (that I read post-facto), I want to clarify what makes a 'great resource' in my mind: A great resource is interesting [or it can be made interesting] That's it. If it's interesting, I'll find a way to … Continue reading Cinco for El Cinco

Christmas activities

Christmas is a major holiday in many cultures, and Spanish-speaking countries are no exception. I have developed and shared several resources over the years that work well in Spanish classes: Here is a link to a post that contains My favorite Christmas songs, with lyrics and links to videos. This is a Spanish-language reading (suitable for … Continue reading Christmas activities

El Día de los Muertos – STRIP BINGO!

Oh, yes--you read that correctly! Looking for a thrilling way to celebrate El Día de los Muertos in your Spanish classes? Why not play a round of STRIP BINGO?! It's not what you think. Click here to read how to play the game. Once you've seen that it is, in fact, a completely appropriate game to … Continue reading El Día de los Muertos – STRIP BINGO!