Four Square Story Map

One struggle for me has been to create questions and activities that help my students practice their critical thinking skills. Much of what we do in class, regrettably, is regurgitation and transformation. Standardized test results show that students at my school and at schools throughout the nation struggle when it comes to critical thinking and … Continue reading Four Square Story Map

Binary CLOZE Reading Comprehension Assessment

My middle school is TItle I (the only one in our district), and with that classification comes some challenges, but overwhelmingly it brings great opportunity--tons of professional development opportunities and resources that would not otherwise be affordable. Clark was torn down after the 2007 school year ended and closed for two years while it was … Continue reading Binary CLOZE Reading Comprehension Assessment

Free Write Form with Rubric

I updated my Free Write Form yesterday after a great conversation in our Electives team meeting about curriculum alignment and collaboration in our building. The Language Arts Department instructs and assesses student work based on the Six Traits Writing model, and next year all students will be given a universal writing screener that all faculty will … Continue reading Free Write Form with Rubric