Save 30 percent at The Comprehensible Classroom

Doesn't it just figure. I have been waiting months for TpT to throw a site-wide sale, and I finally gave up last week and threw a sale of my own. and tomorrow (May 5 and 6), the TpT Teacher Appreciation site sale is ON! The great thing about a site-wide sale is that TeachersPayTeachers gives you an … Continue reading Save 30 percent at The Comprehensible Classroom

TPRS®/CI lessons and activities on sale! Save 20 percent on April 27-28!

I keep waiting for Teachers Pay Teachers to throw a sitewide sale so that I can join in. With no sale on the horizon (to my knowledge), I'm giving up the waiting and throwing a sale of my own. If you have tried out some of my free curriculum units or activities (currently, there are … Continue reading TPRS®/CI lessons and activities on sale! Save 20 percent on April 27-28!

Teaching other verb forms – a reading for Spanish 1!

I need to make an FAQ page. Here is one that came through today: ...I was looking at your website and I was curious if you teach the "nosotros" or "ustedes" forms in Spanish 1. If so, is there a certain unit in which you teach it? Thanks! The answer is, "YES, absolutely!" I don't … Continue reading Teaching other verb forms – a reading for Spanish 1!

Comprehensify your textbook readings!

As an Alaskan, PNCFL is my ‘home’ region, but with Minneapolis just a six-hour direct flight from Anchorage, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend this year’s CSCTFL conference. Paired with a day spent observing Susan Block Johnson and an afternoon QAR session, it was the perfect way to spend this past week. I … Continue reading Comprehensify your textbook readings!

…and even more posters!

I no longer teach traditional "thematic units" (ex: places around town, food & dining, etc.): instead, I plan my units around high frequency vocabulary and pull in other vocabulary as it naturally comes up. My students have had great success with this instructional focus, and there are a few tricks that I've incorporated to make sure that we … Continue reading …and even more posters!

Learning through Comprehensible Input

For the first time since learning about TPRS® and Comprehensible Input, I am not teaching through CI, but learning through CI. I've of course participated as a student in demonstrations and coaching sessions in languages that I don't know, but I've never "studied" a language for an extended period of time. (I say "studied" with quotation marks because I … Continue reading Learning through Comprehensible Input

Storytelling….en français!!

Even though the first day of school is now a distant memory, I hope that this post will not go to waste! Perhaps you are about to receive a new group of students in the coming quarter, or perhaps you are already stockpiling ideas for how to do things differently next fall. Either way, I've a treat … Continue reading Storytelling….en français!!

TPRS® is failing…what to do?

I received an email from a new-to-TPRS®/TCI reader this morning, and it is one that I've read many times in different forms:"I have been trying your curriculum maps for Spanish I & II for 3 days.  Spanish I has been going okay.  Spanish II has NOT.  I tried the fue activity, and to my horror, the … Continue reading TPRS® is failing…what to do?

Back to school, baby!

Y'all are going back to school, and I'm having a baby. The end result is the same, though, right? Less sleep, more stress, and a house that's never clean? The difference is in the preparation. I've got my hospital bag packed (wishful thinking since I still have a month to go...), but how is your back-to-school checklist looking? … Continue reading Back to school, baby!