Class library suggestions

So you want to build a class library, eh? Where to begin?? Beyond leveled readers and children's books, what are other teachers filling their class libraries with? This question keeps popping up in various online forums, and so I think it is high time that we put together a collaborative database that teachers can reference … Continue reading Class library suggestions

What is a target structure?

The second to last session that I attended at ACTFL 2015 was with Amy Lenord. Amy has written fairly extensively on her blog about why and how she has moved away from giving traditional vocabulary lists to her students. As I was busy covering the session on Twitter (search Twitter for #unlistvocab #actfl15 for my … Continue reading What is a target structure?

I teach grammar.

Grammar. You just cringed; didn’t you?! I knew it. Golly there seems to be a lot of discord in the virtual realm lately—lots of professional disagreement about many different aspects of language teaching; but nothing that seems to bring out the war cries like a good old-fashioned mention of grammar. As Justo Lamas croons in … Continue reading I teach grammar.

Help! My students don’t get [x]!

We've all said it at some point: "HELP! My students don't get [when to use ser or estar][how to form the subjunctive][the difference between "I have" and "you have" in Spanish]! What should I do???" We run to our fellow department members (if we are fortunate enough to have any) or turn to our PLC for … Continue reading Help! My students don’t get [x]!

What to do when they miss class?

Because we know that students acquire language through comprehensible input, finding make-up work for students that miss class that actually helps them to make up what was missed is a HUGE challenge. I'm going to share some things that I have done, and I ask that you would add what you've done in the comments!! The most important … Continue reading What to do when they miss class?

First we learn to listen

I just read Sandy Cutshall's article "Groundbreaking Study from ACTFL Measures Listening and Reading--Expands Understanding of Interpretive Skills" from the most recent issue of The Language Educator. Yes, I's been out for awhile. It takes a minute to get here to Alaska and then there's the fact that I never check my yes, just reading it … Continue reading First we learn to listen

TCI Training Video available online!

If you missed the live EPC Show #15 this afternoon, have no fear! You can still access the content and engage with the presenters. View the hour-long iFLT15 preview on YouTube (click here), or check out its Google Plus event page to watch the archived show and read through the during and after-show Q&A (click here). … Continue reading TCI Training Video available online!