El día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso

This activity has several inspirations: Sarah Camblin, the French teacher at my school--her students are using this format to write about the frequency with which they do different activities in each season. Michele/Jenny and the story about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. The book "Alexander y el día terrible, horrible, espantoso, … Continue reading El día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso

Literacy Night, Take 1

Our school is holding a "Literacy Night" on Friday evening. The goal of the evening is to provide fun, literacy-based enrichment activities for our students and their families. It will be running alongside our 6th Grade Orientation, which (as an Elective teacher) is my opportunity to recruit new students for my program. My challenge was … Continue reading Literacy Night, Take 1

Story Elements Glove

Here is a fun idea that I learned at a 'Stellar Strategies' workshop with Liz Warner several years ago here in Anchorage. It was a great workshop, and I walked away with many ready-to-use strategies for teaching vocabulary and language in general. I've never actually used this idea because I've not had the forethought to … Continue reading Story Elements Glove

Same and Different

This is a great reading activity that will give students experience with 'testing vocabulary' and require them to use higher levels of thinking. You could also use it as a listening activity, but you'd probably want to have done it with a reading first since the immediacy of listening would make it more challenging. Begin … Continue reading Same and Different

Student Self-Reflection Form

The middle schools in my district do "Student Led Conferences" instead of "Parent-Teacher Conferences". Students spend time creating portfolios of their work in each class and reflecting on it. At the conference, they present the portfolios to their parents before the teacher checks in to see if the parent has any questions or concerns (or … Continue reading Student Self-Reflection Form