Get them talking!

We all have those classes that just won't stop talking...and we all have those classes that just won't start talking! Such is the case with one of my second-year classes (level 1B). It's a great group of kids, and they are very good students, but getting them to participate in discussions or speak up in general is worse than … Continue reading Get them talking!

High School Dropouts and Middle School

This is a fantastic video from Frontline about how a student's middle school experience--even in sixth grade--can predict whether or not that child will drop out of high school: The video states that if a sixth-grade student in a high-poverty school is present less than 80 percent of the time, fails math or English, … Continue reading High School Dropouts and Middle School

Fast Finisher System

I learned this strategy from my mentor teacher, Nina Bonito-Romine. Activity and Purpose I have 49 colored, laminated file folders that have worksheets glued inside with answer keys on the back for students to work on if they finish any given classwork assignment early. This is so that they always have something to work on … Continue reading Fast Finisher System