Fast Finisher Folders: FAQ

I've received several emails recently asking me questions about my Fast Finisher (Extra Time) Folders. You can read all about them here, but in a nutshell they are my system for managing students who complete work very quickly. Those students know that they can choose a folder and complete the activity whenever they finish the current … Continue reading Fast Finisher Folders: FAQ

Back to school, baby!

Y'all are going back to school, and I'm having a baby. The end result is the same, though, right? Less sleep, more stress, and a house that's never clean? The difference is in the preparation. I've got my hospital bag packed (wishful thinking since I still have a month to go...), but how is your back-to-school checklist looking? … Continue reading Back to school, baby!

Quick comprehension checks that you can use in language classrooms to ensure that students are picking up what you're putting down

Comprehension Checks

Note: Much of my knowledge about comprehension checks has come from Betsy Paskvan, a Japanese teacher here in Anchorage, AK. Betsy has presented many times on checking for comprehension at state and national language conferences (she'll be at NTPRS this summer), and she often travels to other school districts to offer them professional development on comprehension checks … Continue reading Comprehension Checks

Soliciting [Illustrated] Responses

We had WAY too much fun storyasking in my previously-Plan B class today!! I am amazed at the transformation that they have undergone in the last few weeks--anll it took was finding the right system! We have been using the Marble Jar, and they are totally rocking it. They hold each other accountable («¡Cállete! ¡Habla … Continue reading Soliciting [Illustrated] Responses

Managing Responses

While preparing for the Yup'ik Immersion training last week, I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for elementary TPRS resources and suggestions. Michel Baker's blog and Carol Gaab's article (linked in the YI post) were most helpful. According to their writing, one common obstacle for elementary TPRS teachers is managing student responses during … Continue reading Managing Responses