La leyenda del espantapájaros

I just found this file from the end of last year! I used this video to create a video-based assessment (a la Alma) for the final exam for my Spanish II students. Students were assessed on reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and writing proficiency. The video is just wonderful, and although the vocabulary is challenging, the narrator … Continue reading La leyenda del espantapájaros

Universal Screener: Writing

OVERVIEW: In the RTI (Response to Instruction/Intervention) framework, there are five categories of assessments: outcome measures, universal screeners, progress monitoring assessments, diagnostic assessments, and informal assessments. Each kind of assessment plays an important role in determining each student’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses in whatever content they are meant to assess. At the middle school that … Continue reading Universal Screener: Writing

Spanish A Final Exam

This is the final exam that my Spanish A students took today: Spanish A Final Exam 2012 I am not proud of it because it isn't particularly academic--there is no cultural/real aspect to it--but it was somewhat student generated, which I think is a good thing. Both reading sections were free writes written by students in … Continue reading Spanish A Final Exam

Accurate Assessments

I was thinking this morning about how challenging it really is to design accurate assessments. There are so many variables that affect a student's performance on any given assessment that it is really quite difficult to control all but the one that you wish to assess. Because I use Standards Based Grading (since it gives … Continue reading Accurate Assessments

Use a stack of mini-rubrics to grade student speaking assessments on the fly - perfect for any world language class!

Laura Terrill on Assessment

My Cooperative Learning class had an awesome all-day session with Laura Terrill yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming in that she touched on so many different topics--assessment, cooperative learning, course structure, social emotional was a lot to take in. I was pleasantly surprised because she is not "officially" a CI/TPRS teacher, but almost everything that … Continue reading Laura Terrill on Assessment

Grammar Targets for Spanish I

Finding a maternity substitute was, for me, not unlike any classic tale of unrequited love. I was "enamored" by several of my options, only to find them uninterested, unavailable, or snatched out from under me by dazzling offers of full-time positions (Emily!). I began to think that there was no other option but to turn … Continue reading Grammar Targets for Spanish I

1A Midterm

Here is my midterm for Spanish 1A: Reading Comprehension--Students complete the CLOZE passage using the target structures from the word bank. Listening Comprehension--Students listen to a series of 10 statements and identify which picture is being described. Speaking--Students read words aloud to me in Spanish (pronunciation assessment only--they just had a speaking assessment last week, … Continue reading 1A Midterm