Jeopardy Q&A

I love this simple activity that I found on Pinterest because it is just so adaptable and takes zero preparation! As Comprehensible Input teachers, we are always looking for new ways to revisit stories, readings, and discussions so as to provide students with additional repetitions of target structures. Jeopardy Q&A is backward questioning--providing students with … Continue reading Jeopardy Q&A


I recently discovered this awesome website: Don't let the title fool you--it's great! Superlame allows students to upload photos and add speech, thought, etc. bubbles with text to them. What I love about this--as opposed to other, similar websites--is the ease of use. There are no 'catches' here! Unlike Bubblr (which requires students to use photos … Continue reading Superlame

Extend your discussion!

One of my favorite strategies for generating interesting discussions based on new vocabulary is having students draw an illustration for a scenario. For example, have the kids draw a picture of somewhere that they went, something that they saw, what they watch on TV, or what they like. These illustration-based discussions are great for providing … Continue reading Extend your discussion!

Chain Reaction Variation

Today, I had the great pleasure of escorting Cindy Hitz around Anchorage to observe some of our CI teachers. We visited Michele Whaley and Betsy Paskvan, but I will write about those visits later. We were also able to observe Cara O’Brien Holen, a French teacher at West High School here in Anchorage. Cara had … Continue reading Chain Reaction Variation