Character Cards for First Day Seating

Alright everyone, I am currently getting about five emails a day asking me to send the editable files for the character cards that I use for my first day seating assignments. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EMAIL ME TO ACCESS THESE FILES!! They are already uploaded, free, on Teachers Pay Teachers. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD … Continue reading Character Cards for First Day Seating

Planning for unplanned absences

Ah, emergency sub plans! A beginning-of-the-year requirement that makes most teachers want to call in sick. Well, not really because that would require using the emergency sub plans that you worked so hard to put together. Seriously, though, planning for unplanned absences (creating emergency sub plans) is not easy! You don’t know when you will … Continue reading Planning for unplanned absences

Back to school, baby!

Y’all are going back to school, and I’m having a baby. The end result is the same, though, right? Less sleep, more stress, and a house that’s never clean? The difference is in the preparation. I’ve got my hospital bag packed (wishful thinking since I still have a month to go…), but how is your back-to-school checklist looking? … Continue reading Back to school, baby!

Esperanza Chapter 1, Day 2

Today was our second day spent on Chapter 1 of Esperanza, by Carol Gaab. Here is how we spent it: Students re-read Chapter 1 aloud with a partner. I used my seating chart to walk around and monitor that they were actually speaking. We discussed the problems that Esperanza had in Chapter 1 (Note: If … Continue reading Esperanza Chapter 1, Day 2