Body parts: Round Robin and Mad Libs

I am in the process of doing two things: (1) sorting through old files and finding things that I’ve never posted, and (2) adding featured images to old blog posts. Because of this, you’re going to see a lot of automatic post notifications pop up on Facebook and Twitter–just know that only a few of them are … Continue reading Body parts: Round Robin and Mad Libs

Mad Libs for Comprehensible Input

I needed to spend today prepping vocabulary for Chapter 2 of El Nuevo Houdini with my Spanish 2 students. There are a few words in the chapter that are important to the understanding of the chapter with which my students are not yet familiar, or might have trouble recognizing. For example, most of them have … Continue reading Mad Libs for Comprehensible Input

10 CI Activities for when you just can’t

Do you ever just need a day? You look at your lesson plans and think, “I…just…can’t”? A few days ago, I had a day. I got some news that knocked me out emotionally, and since I was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant (now 40 weeks pregnant…come on girl!….)…I just needed a day. I’m not teaching, but I had my three … Continue reading 10 CI Activities for when you just can’t

I teach grammar.

Grammar. You just cringed; didn’t you?! I knew it. Golly there seems to be a lot of discord in the virtual realm lately—lots of professional disagreement about many different aspects of language teaching; but nothing that seems to bring out the war cries like a good old-fashioned mention of grammar. As Justo Lamas croons in … Continue reading I teach grammar.