Esperanza, Chapter 10 and Epilogue

Students made predictions as to how the novel would end. They wrote them on scrap slips of paper and turned them in, and I shared them with the class. We discussed the before-reading discussion questions from the Teacher’s Guide. I read the chapter aloud to my students, and they followed along in their books. Students … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 10 and Epilogue

Esperanza, Chapter 9

We began with the Immigrant Archive Project activity from the Teacher’s Guide. The activity is AWESOME, and my students loved exploring more biographies on their own. Just beware that the site has changed since the guide was published, and there is now a search feature AND Augusto Francisco’s biography is no longer on the site. … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 9

Esperanza, Chapter 8

Discuss the before-reading discussion questions in the Teacher’s Guide Read the story aloud as students listen. As they listen, have them draw murals to map out the action and locations in this chapter. Next, have them put their murals aside and read the chapter in a small group. With their small group, have students complete … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 8

Esperanza Chapters 4, 5, and 6

WOh me oh my I’ve gotten behind on my blogging! Here are the plans that I used for Esperanza Chapters 4-6: CHAPTER 4 We interpreted these two examples of Esperanza’s family tree and my own family tree as an expansion of the pre-reading activity found in the Teacher’s Guide. Students create their own family tree with written … Continue reading Esperanza Chapters 4, 5, and 6

Esperanza, Chapter 2

The only two terms that my kiddos needed to learn to read Chapter 2 of Esperanza were “regresa” (we had learned “vuelve”) and “espera”, so we spent our time yesterday with personalized discussion (here is the activity that I used to get them talking). I typed up a quick reading based on their answers to … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 2

Esperanza Chapter 1, Day 2

Today was our second day spent on Chapter 1 of Esperanza, by Carol Gaab. Here is how we spent it: Students re-read Chapter 1 aloud with a partner. I used my seating chart to walk around and monitor that they were actually speaking. We discussed the problems that Esperanza had in Chapter 1 (Note: If … Continue reading Esperanza Chapter 1, Day 2

Esperanza, Chapter 1

We began reading Esperanza, by Carol Gaab, in my Spanish 1b classes today. It. is. awesome. At just $5.00 a pop (for 25+ novels), it is an excellent investment for your Spanish program. Add in the comprehensive Teacher’s Guide for a few extra dollars, and you have ready-made, highly engaging lessons for several weeks. End … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 1