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$17 Online Professional Development–available NOW!


Stop what you are doing and READ THIS NOW!

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted about it yet (face palm).

Paulino Brenner (@paulinobrener) has put together an INCREDIBLE online conference–and it began on Sunday! From February 11-24, you can tune in for LIVE and recorded talks on the topic of language teaching and learning….FOR JUST $17!!!!

There are FIFTY (50!!!!) sessions available on a WIDE range of topics (including a 15 minute talk by yours truly on creating cultural units!)!!

From the Summit Website (

Language Learning Summit is a celebration of Language Learning.  Teachers, learners, polyglots, experts, entrepreneurs, and more coming together to share our love for language learning.

You may: learn new ways to teach or learn languages, discover new resources, or fin language partners to accompany you on your language learning journey.

Watch. Listen. Read. Participate. Celebrate Language Learning!

Learn more from Paulino himself!

To register, click “Register Here” in the top right corner of the Language Learning Summit website. You can also follow all of the action on Twitter–use #LangSummit