sale_720_90If you’ve been with me for a few years now…you know–Cyber Monday means Super Savings on Teachers Pay Teachers! #Cyber17 is no different: you will save 25% on ALL PRODUCTS in The Comprehensible Classroom TpT store on Monday and Tuesday this week (November 27 & 28).

I have worked my tail off to fill my store with tons of free, valuable content; comprehensible culture; thoroughly explained, step-by-step lesson plans; beautiful documents and presentations; and always affordable priced products. Making the switch the an input-focused classroom is not easy, and it is my goal to equip you for success as you walk out this awesome journey that we are on together.

How can you prepare? Spend some time today thinking…

  • …about your students. What are their interests? Where are they at on the proficiency scale? What do they enjoy?
  • …about language acquisition. How are you maximizing the time spent on input in your class? How are you making input comprehensible? How are you ensuring that the comprehensible input you provide is actually comprehended? What different strategies can you use to provide comprehensible input?
  • …about your curricular goals. What kinds of things do you want to explore with your students? What topics do you HAVE to teach? How will you incorporate culture? What do you want to scrap altogether? What viable options do you have moving forward? Do you even want to follow a curriculum? How will you give your students opportunities to read?
  • …about challenges that are coming soon. What sick plans do you have ready to go for flu season? What activities do you have ready for the crazy days leading up to Winter Vacation? Do you need to have midterms ready? What will you do when you are exhausted from school obligations and holiday prep and life?
  • …about professional growth. What is an activity that you want to try that you haven’t had the courage to yet or the time to figure out? What routines do you want to introduce to your students? What materials will help you to do that? How will you support your goals to teach more in the target language and to be ever more comprehensible?
  • …about the New Year. Will you get new students at the semester? What holidays are coming up that you’d like to address in class?
  • …about new products that I’ve added since the last sale! Here are a few:


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