Le Garçon Tailleur – Free reading en français!

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French teachers, Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m celebrating with my French teacher friends by sharing this reading about Campbell Remess, the Tasmanian boy that spends all of his spare time and money sewing stuffed animals for hospitalized children.

I originally shared Campbell’s story back at the end of December with a call to make a difference in 2017. French teacher Terri Marrama has translated the Spanish reading into French and given me permission to share it here!

I hope that this story will be just as inspiring to you and to your students as it has been to me! Please note that I am Novice Low in French and so I often make mistakes in my French materials as I am copying and pasting and formatting the translations that teachers send to me. Please contact me via email if you spot any typos that I need to take care of!

Le garçon tailleur reading in French for first year French students www.martinabex.com
Click on image to download French reading



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