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Save 28% on all lesson plans and activities from The Comprehensible Classroom on February 7&8, 2017

…and you were excited about all of that Valentine’s Day candy coming your way!

Celebrate LOVE (#TpTLove) this week on Teachers Pay Teachers! Everything in my store will be marked down 20% on Tuesday and Wednesday this week (February 7 & 8, 2017), and when you use the coupon code ‘LoveTpT’ at checkout, you save an additional 10%….for a grand total of 28% savings!! This is the BEST deal that you can ever get on products in my store, so plan ahead and purchase the products you’ll be needing (and wanting) in the coming months. Here are some suggestions to help you plan:

Semana Santa lesson plans for Spanish students The Comprehensible ClassroomClick on image to access multiple readings and activities to learn about Semana Santa celebrations in Spain and Central AmericaCinco de mayo lesson plans from the comprehensible classroomClick on image to access my Cinco de Mayo lesson plansSomos Units 1-5 bundleClick on image to view and download the Units 1-5 bundleSpring 2017 21 issues of weekly news summaries in Spanish for Novice studentsClick on the image to access the SPRING 2017 subscription, which will contain 21 issues when completeCon quién se queda el perro activities for the Jesse & Joy song for Spanish classesClick on image to view product details

Biographies in Spanish of 20 notable Afro-latinos
Biographies in Spanish of 20 notable Afro-latinos from around the globe
We are already 3 school days into Black History Month and you haven’t yet featured a notable Afro-latino??? What are you waiting for!!?

This product features 20 biographies in easy to read Spanish of Afro-latinos from diverse career fields. It also includes 2 Grudgeball game presentations that you can use at the halfway point and at the end of the month to revisit the last figures that you read about in  class.

 Semana Santa this year is in early April (April 9-15). Semana Santa has always been one of my favorite traditional holidays to teach about because there are so many opportunities for students to reflect on their perceptions and misperceptions of other cultures.
 Cinco de mayo! This “holiday” is another excellent opportunity to break stereotypes. Hook students’ with their intrigue in the US version of the celebration, and then slam ’em with the real and powerful history behind the day!

This is also a great opportunity to talk about differences in perceptions of of the holiday that exist even within the Mexican-American community. Some Mexican-Americans despise this holiday, seeing it as a day that perpetuates bad stereotypes and depreciates the richness of Mexican culture. Others see it as an opportunity to celebrate their pride for being Mexican and to invite their friends to join them in the celebration!

My Spanish 1 curriculum targets high frequency structures and uses them to explore cultural topics–all in Spanish! It took me a few years to find my way in the TPRS®/CI/Proficiency-based way of teaching, and this curriculum is my beautiful end-product. If you have been considering it for next year, now is a great time to purchase the first bundle (Units 1-5 for just $32.40 (typically $45). You can preview it and decide if you want to use it next year, then purchase the rest of the bundles during the next site wide sale (which will probably be in May).

The SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 2 systematically targets past tense constructions (preterite regular, stem change, etc.) through comprehensible input: Units 1-6 bundle
The first five units of my Spanish 2 curriculum target regular preterite and irregular preterite verb constructions
In Spanish 2, I had to follow traditional textbook units in order to be in alignment with other teachers in the district. For that reason, my Spanish 2 curriculum units each target a specific past tense verb construction (-ar regular preterite, imperfect irregular verbs, etc.). I didn’t expect mastery at the end of any given unit, but I did expect that my students would have a better handle on verb constructions than those that I taught with the drill-and-kill method in my first few years of teaching. Check out the first five units in this bundle to see if it will work for you!

Next school year’s subscription will be published bi-weekly!
 Next year, I will be publishing bi-weekly news summaries instead of weekly summaries as I did this year. Purchase your 2017-2018 subscription of 18 issues during the sale for just $28.80 ($40 regular price). I have loved how the commitment to publishing these articles has kept me more informed about current events in the Spanish-speaking world, and I am confident that you and your students will feel the same way!
 This spring’s subscription to EL MUNDO EN TUS MANOS will consist of 21 issues when complete. So far, I have featured stories about Venezuela’s economy, Mexico-US relations, changes in Cuban immigration policy, and more (including lots of warm-fuzzy stories). This sale is likely your last chance to purchase the current subscription for less than the cover price: get it for $32.50 instead of $45!! (You can also get past subscriptions at an even steeper discount!!)

18 activities that your students can complete independently after reading a text
Click on image to access 18 MORE independent textivities
I only publish products that I think will help teachers, and occasionally I publish products that I know will REALLY help teachers! If you don’t already own both the original Independent Textivities and MORE Independent Textivities, please do yourself a favor and snag them during the sale for a combined total of 36 printable activity sheets that students can complete for any text! I kept photocopies of these activities in my desk at all times so that I always had them in a pinch: for filler activities, sub activities, oh-crap-the-copier-is-broken activities…
 Music makes the world go ’round…and it makes your students keep coming back to Spanish class! Learning songs was one of the things that I loved most in my high school Spanish class, and my students were no different. Whether it is ¿Con quién se queda el perro?, Sofía, Tengo tu love, Te amo, or Tú no eres para mí, I am confident that you will find a song in my store that your students will connect with AND that you can use to help them further their Spanish proficiency through the comprehensible readings included with each song.

…and just because you kept reading all the way to the end, click on the image below to visit The Comprehensible Classroom’s Facebook page and find out what you can do to win one of FOUR $25.00 gift cards to TpT!


Instructions for the giveaway are on The Comprehensible Classroom’s Facebook page!



  1. Hi there!! I am sooooo impressed with all of your work and am wanting to purchase lots on TpT
    with BEP monies, but was hoping to do so through a sale like you’ve run in the past. Is there a way of knowing when the next one might be coming?


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