What to teach in Spanish 3?

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What to teach in Spanish 3? I never taught Spanish 3 after switching to TCI, so I do not have a Spanish 3 curriculum. However, Kristy Placido does! She has shared a 2-post series that outlines what she teaches in Spanish 3, including links to novels, to videos/films, and to resources that she has created and sells. Check it out! When you’re done reading this post, jump over to Dustin Williamson’s blog to read through HIS Spanish 3 plans for 2016!! So many great options!!

Kristy Placido

IMG_4855I am revamping what I teach in Spanish 3 this year! We have moved some novels around and also some new novels have come out that I wanted to teach! People always ask “What do YOU teach?” so I try to keep up-to-date with it on my blog for people who either need a little guidance or for those who are just plain curious!

We have 2 18 week semesters and meet for 55 minutes each day. Each of my semesters contains two major units anchored by a novel.

I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store last year, and I didn’t have a level 3 class. Look for lots of new items to be added to my store this year that I will be using with Spanish 3!  If I reference it in this post, you will be seeing it in my TPT store this year! Everything I sell is…

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