#iFLT16 highlights from Wednesday

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Check out my guest post on CIPeek.com giving you a whirlwind tour of one of my mornings at iFLT16 two weeks ago!

CI Peek

Whew! I have been running around like a crazy lady this morning at iFLT trying to catch a glimpse of everything that’s going on. I couldn’t get everywhere, but I made a valiant effort. Here are some tidbits and takeaways for those of you joining us from afar!

First stop? “Advanced” Spanish with Grant Boulanger. This class was intended for students that have had some exposure to Spanish, but Grant quickly discovered yesterday that he had some students that were very raw beginners, and so the class was really a beginner class even though it had the “Advanced” title. One thing that stood out to me from Grant’s style of TCI is his use of rejoinders. As he asks a story and something happens to which it would be appropriate to react (ex: “My mom is mean!” / “I’m sorry!”), he introduces that rejoinder to the class and teaches them…

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