What to teach in Spanish 1 and 2?

I taught Spanish 1 and 2 for 3 years after switching to TCI, and here is what I ended up creating–keep in mind that this is just what I did, and even if you are using my curriculum, you are free to do it differently than I did! Use the curriculum maps provided below to determine what you will need for next year, and purchase it tomorrow or Wednesday (May 3-4) to save 28 percent during the TpT Teacher Appreciation sale!

Spanish 1

I taught this over two years at the middle school level (Spanish 1A/1B), although many other units were mixed in there (some that you can buy, like holiday units, and some that I have not made available for purchase). I designed this curriculum backward from the novel ‘Esperanza’, using the vocabulary from the novel as the basis for this curriculum and linking each set of structures to a cultural topic. I would recommend teaching “Brandon Brown quiere un perro” and “Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso” as novel units even before you reach Esperanza (and have your students read still other novels during free voluntary reading time!). If you want to make it through the full curriculum in one year, use the estimated teaching length in the following document to figure out which supplemental units you want to work with and which to skip. You could also bump Esperanza to the beginning of Spanish 2 if you run out of time in Spanish 1.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.59.37 PM
Click on image to access Level 1 curriculum map

Spanish 2

When I started teaching this course to my 8th graders, it was a special course approved just for my students to get them a high school credit. This was because mine were the first students in the district to complete a full three years of Spanish at the middle school level. I had to align my 8th grade curriculum with the high school Spanish 2 curriculum so that my kiddos could get credit. They needed to be competent in past tenses, so each unit in Level 2 targets a specific past tense construction (-ar preterite regular verbs, for example).

SOMOS Spanish 2
Click on image to access Level 2 curriculum map

Also–if you are using my complete Spanish curriculum for Level 1 and/or Level 2, please join this Facebook group that Sara Chronister started. It’s a place where teachers that are using my curriculum units can share ideas and ask and answer questions.


  1. Martina, I cannot say enough how much you have helped me with my transition from traditional to CI. I started five years ago and you have been with me every step of the way. I have seen you evolve with your activities and with each one that you put out for us, I am left even more amazed. Your activities are always spot on and they are truly a success in my class. The biggest stumbling block that I have is when I teach Spanish 2 to kids that come from traditional classes ( and these kids are mixed in with my CI kids). I feel like I have to start Spanish One all over again. The Super Seven and the Sweet Sixteen is usually where I start and from there I can take off. Your Spanish 2 Curriculum is perfect for those that come from a Spanish One CI to a Spanish 2 CI. I guess what I am asking is what would you advise to those of us that have this problem?


  2. Thanks for your awesome workshop today – this is what I was asking you about after 🙂 Quick question… do you think startin Brandon Brown quiere un perro earlier would be doable? Or do you think it is important to wait until after unit 18? I would love to try a novel earlier in the year – maybe a more simple one like Brandon Brown dice la verdad? or El capibara con botas?


    • Oh you could totally do it earlier. And Brandon Brown dice la verdad would be even easier to do earlier. Capibara con botas is also a great early read, there is a bit more vocab that isn’t targeted with my units but the vocab is so limited that it would be easy to add those structures before reading.


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