Win a FREE registration to iFLT 2016!

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Only two days left to win a FREE registration to iFLT in Chattanooga! Also check the comments for additional professional development opportunities this spring and summer.

The Comprehensible Classroom

It’s that time of year…time for one lucky reader to win a FREE registration to iFLT 2016!

There are many excellent language teaching conferences happening this spring and summer. Regional organizations like CSCTFL and SCOLT will be hosting their conferences within the next few weeks, the TELL Collab will be hosting conferences in Nashville this April and in Austin this June, and Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell will be running several Camp Musicuentos throughout June and July. I’m sure there are many more, and I’d be happy to list them here; just leave a comment or email me with info! Each of these conferences boasts a unique learning experience and approaches language education from a particular angle. A teacher with an open mind will be able to learn and grow at any conference that he or she chooses to attend. There has been a lot of conversation recently about divisions in the language teaching community…

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